Llandegla -1st January

A great day out with Ivan of Godiva Trailriders. Although the day started worryingly when the car park attendant gave us ticket number 13!

We did two laps of the red/black trail, in on-off rain, with trail conditions that can only be described as wet. Although I ended up having to resort to fire road to get back from the reservoir on the second lap as I’d worn the pads to the backing front and rear. I’d stupidly (yep, that wasn’t a New Years Resolution) gone down Parallel Universe and B-Line after realising the back was shot, and that pretty much killed the front. Superstar Organic compound are great for feel, but they lack durability when the going gets mucky.

While having a post ride brew in the cafe, Ivan spotted a young lady running around outside in the rain, wearing only a bikini, SPD shoes and a bike helmet (turns out she’d got a body stocking on too). But it certainly made for a surreal moment (camera was in the car – lesson learnt)

P.S. Why don’t they have changing facilities or showers at Llandegla? I may send them an email and ask…..

Ride – #1     Bike – Gary Fisher Paragon 29er

Miles – 26.9     Total 2012 miles – 26.9


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