Long Mynd – 2nd January

Pole Bank trig point in the snow

The route we took was :-

  • Up Cardingmill
  • Pole Bank
  • Down Stan Batch
  • Up Medlicott
  • Pole Bank
  • Down Minton Hill
  • Up Hamperley
  • Down ZigZag
  • Up Asterton road
  • Down Minton Batch
  • Up Hamperley
  • Down Little Stretton

To say the riding conditions were ‘Sketchy’ is an understatement! Snow to start, that later turned to what can only described as muddy mush.  Halfway down the ZigZag turns, while trying to slide the back end round, I lost the front…. was gonna happen eventually. Result, a nice big lump on my shin, thats rapidly turning purple.

Highlight of the day (as ever) was the balls out blast down Little Stretton. I almost lost it after Gate Turn, the bike dropped off the side of the trail, and somehow got back on. I was preparing for the impact!

Ride – #2     Bike – Gary Fisher Paragon 29er

Miles – 27.8     Total 2012 miles – 54.7


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