Local Roads – 4th January

Lump and his new red anodised superstar gto headset

I headed of to see Lump to deliver the red Superstar GTO headset that was for project Carver before I invested in a Chris King. The sun was out, but a very red sunrise hinted of what was to come later in the day.

It was a really nice ride out through Baginton and Bubbenhall to Lump’s. After a good 1/2 hour chat I mentioned that I intended to ride back through Brandon Wood…… “It’ll be a mudfest, don’t bother” was Lump’s reply……he’d been out around Wappenbury earlier and couldn’t believe how bad it was.

So the route was changed to ‘Plan B’, I headed back the long way on the road through Wolston and Brinklow, the sky gradually getting darker, the “Red sky in the morning” thing was looking right on the money. I ended up cutting the ride short to ‘Plan C’ and binning the plan to head up to Anstey and beyond as the though of getting wet through didn’t hold much appeal! So it was straight back through the city and home.

Ride – #3     Bike – Genesis DayOne Alfine

Miles – 23.3     Total 2012 miles – 78.0


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