Millisons Wood – 6th January

Tree down in Millisons Wood

I needed to take the Fisher out for a test spin as the rear mech was throwing phantom changes by the end of the Mynd ride and it’d had a good clean and lube since then so a ride out to Millisons Wood was ideal for the time I had. With a hectic weekend of overtime looming this was never going to be a fast one.

The bike was spot on, Millisons however was a bit of a mudfest, and some trail devils had been putting logs across the really nice tracks. Some were on fast blind corners, just so you wouldn’t have a chance. Someone out there doesn’t like mountain bikers using ‘their wood’.

I headed down towards Meriden to check out the potential new stuff I’d tried out with Pav and Tony before Christmas. The little work we’d done had been covered up, which was a shame.  The drops are a real challenge as the roots are moss covered and hidden with leaves. The place has so much potential, but I think a combination of a lot of initial work and a lack of regular use means it’s a non starter. I’ll probably just nip in whenever I’m passing.

Then it was back home, just in time to get changed and go to work 😦

Ride – #4     Bike – Gary Fisher Paragon 29er

Miles – 20.6     Total 2012 miles – 98.6


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