Haughmond Hill – 7th January

On Haughmond Hill with The Long Mynd in the distance

I’d never even heard of Haughmond Hill until a ride there was posted on the Godiva Trailriders forum. I had however driven past it lots of times, but never really noticed it, whenever I’d been to North or Mid Wales. When you get to the end of the M54 and it becomes the A5, The Wrekin is on your left and the hill to your right is Haughmond Hill….


So there you go, the place has a bit of history.

The Ride was a combined GT and MTB Britain affair with about 20 riders in total.

The place itself is quite small, but the riding is top quality, loads of rooty and rocky singletrack with some real nice technical descents and climbs. On the far side there were some nice quick DH style runs, that some local trail fairies had built, however they looked like they don’t get much traffic. The techy single track claimed a few victims, I had a minor spill, more a case of drifting off the side of the trail, stopping and finding the ground dropped away…. and so I did too. Some walkers confirmed it looked very graceful! KevR had a nice one in front of me when his pedal caught a rock and threw him off the trail and he rolled down the side of the hill. The Reaper claimed that one as he was directly behind me.

Richard however came off big time. I didn’t see it, but the trail approach, off trail impact marks and very shaken rider were telltail signs. He thought he’d hit a tree after he parted company with the bike and to be honest if he did he was pretty lucky to escape just ‘scuffed round the edges’. He was going to go straight back to the car, but saw sense and decided to ride with the group the 2 miles back to the cafe. The old saying  “if you fall of a horse, you get right back on!” is so true.

The Paragon rode really nice, but needs the rear brake pistons and pads replacing, plus good clean and checkover before the potential Snowdon trip next weekend. Oh, had a rear puncture, one of those mystery ‘no thorn’ jobbies.

All in all a great days riding

Ride – #5     Bike – Gary Fisher Paragon 29er

Miles – 14.1     Total 2012 miles – 112.7


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