Local roads (Nightmare) – 9th January

This is not the scene of an accident.....

You know when you get a few hours in you life and everything turns to shit…..

Had another fun filled day at work, driving home, sun slowly setting, the countryside looking great…. thinks “Bollocks to doing all the mundane shit that needs doing, I’m going out on the bike as soon as I get in”.

I get home, unload the Fisher 29er out of the back of the car, after yesterday’s balls up with the rear brake rebuild (that’s another story), and notice the back tyre is a little soggy. I probably put a very slow punctured tube in when I fixed the puncture at Haughmond Hill on Saturday. No problem, I’m riding the DayOne tonight.

Off I go, heading North out of the city. Stopping at Corley Rocks I get my camera out…. bollocks, it’s flashing low battery, forgot to put it on charge last night. No problem, I’ll just take a few later when it gets dark.

Round the back of Corley Services, and up past Craig’s… I spot two riders ahead, both with black riding tops that havev light blue arms… GTers? I speed up to catch them, it’s Craig and his lad Dan out for a quick 10 miler. We ride together for 50 yards and I get that horrible ‘flat rear’ feeling. I tell them to keep going as I’ve got my kit and as it’s an Alfine rear hub it’s not as quick a job as with a rear deraillieur. No problem, the key is to select 4th before you start and make sure when it goes back together the two marks on the rear hub line up.

I get on and remove the rear wheel it takes a while as it’s ages since I last did it, and I’m aware how easy it is to get the gear selection out of sync so I double check everything. Tube out, check the tyre for thorns but can find nothing. New tube in, then as I’m fitting the tyre I notice a broken spoke…. bollocks! Oh well, no problem, I decide to bin the ride, and head back when it’s fixed

When trying to inflate the tyre the canister doesn’t seat in the inflator correctly and only about 50% of the gas goes in the tube, the rest comes out the side and if I hadn’t have been quick would have frozen my hand to it…. bollocks! I finish off the job with my pump. The tyre stays up, so I refit the wheel.

Wheel fitted, I head back towards home, about 400 yards later I get that horrible ‘flat rear’ feeling again….. Bollocks!

I have a repair kit, but it’s pitch black, and I’m now exceedingly pissed off.

I decide to push the bloody thing the 6 miles home!

I actually enjoyed the walk once I’d got over the ‘Aggghhhh’, and started experimenting with my camera, taking some long exposure shots…. expecting it to die at any moment, which strangely it never did.

Ride – #6     Bike – Genesis DayOne Alfine

Miles – 6.4     Total 2012 miles – 119.1


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