Woburn Sands – 19th January

M1 Southbound


It was really nice to ride at Woburn again. It must be two years since I went down there with Dom who rode with Godiva Trailriders back then. There were serveral moments, where I recognised where I was, but there were many more where I’d no idea where I was. Last time I rode there it was daylight and dry, nightime and wet made for some really sketchy moments.

We went down in Dan’s VW combi with just the two of us in it, which was a shame really. It’d been posted on the forum but had no takers…….. Oh well, their loss.

We arrived about an hour before the others so ended up doing a small warmup loop, which was handy to get a feel for the conditions.

Dan’s mate Jim, who I’ve ridden with before lead the ride, it was a nice quick pace, nothing mad but no real big stops as everyone was keeping up. So there were no ride photos as being as I was a ‘guest’ rider I didn’t want to start asking to stop for photos. So the view out of Dan’s van on the way there will have to do.

In the gloopy conditions I really could have done with using the granny ring in places, but I found out on Snowdon that the Panaracer Rampage 29×2.35 rear is just too wide and rubs badly on the front deraillieur when running it. So as punishment for being slack and not changing the tyre I had to MTFU and use the middle all night.

I will change the rear before Eastridge…. Honest….

Ride – #12     Bike – Gary Fisher Paragon 29er

Miles – 13.7     Total 2012 miles – 223.0


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