Kenilworth Lanes & Cheekies – January 28th

A group of trees near Stoneleigh. I bet they look weird in moonlight!

I woke up feeling a lot better after a few days of man flu, so decided I’d go for a spin somewhere. Breakfast and out was my plan….

However I hadn’t bargained on finding someone had hit my car in the car park at work yesterday when I went to the shop to get some milk. It had been OK when I parked it yesterday morning, and I had noticed that the car parked next to me was a pretty abused Ford Escort. In the darkness I hadn’t spotted it when I left last night. It looks like they’ve done it as they’ve left the parking space next to me, by not pulling forward enough before turning. It’s only superficial damage, a slight ripple in the driverside front wheel arch, and paint off down to the plastic around the headlight, but that’s not the point. I’ve no idea what I can do, as work won’t be interested, and if I start getting arsey with someone at work it’ll be me on a disaplinary!

Anyway, this kinda pissed me off as you can imagine, so I strutted round the house doing bits and bobs, and feeling grumpy.

Eventually I talked myself into getting the ‘crosser out of the garage. I needed to pop into Albany Cycles to get a BB tool for project Carver but other than that I would just see where I ended up.

After a good 1/2 hour in Albany I headed out towards Kenilworth. A cheeky ride round Kenilworth Common was a good laugh, there is so much elevation change in there 🙂 Then it was off over Abbey Fields to the castle and riding even more cheeky stuff over there. I found an excellent bit of a ‘play area’ on the opposite side of the castle car park, lots of up and down.

Then it was out of town towards Warwick, and up the road to the Chesford Grange. Another cheeky took me round the back of the hotel.

On the way past the NAC I decided to pop in and see the folks as I was on their side of the city.

While I was at my parents they gave me a VIP invite to the Annual Ball of the Mayor of Rhondda Cynon Taf (My Auntie). Champagne reception, five course meal, band and disco…. I agreed to go, as I’ve learnt to never turn down a free meal 🙂

I was glad I went out, as the legs felt good, and the man flu seems to have gone off my chest. I’m still producing copious quantities of snot though.

Ride – #15     Bike – Genesis DayOne Alfine

Miles – 27.7     Total 2012 miles – 279.9


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