Lanes to Maxstoke – 30th January

A tree

A quick spin out on the DayOne in glorious sunshine.

Smitty from the Godiva Trailriders would be happy as this was a 99.999% road ride. The only bit of off road was when halfway down Kinwalsey Lane I met a ‘Conservatory Blinds’ van coming the other way. He didn’t give a shit, and just kept coming, forcing me up on the verge. I didn’t have camera out unfortunately, otherwise there would be a picture of his van on this post.

Since starting this thing I’m paying alot more attention what is around me while I’m riding (well I’ve got to get one photo). What I find amazing is the shape of some of the trees now they have no leaves, as you’ve probably noticed from several ‘tree based’ shots I’ve put up.

This one is no exception….

I need to have a chat with Norbert from the Godiva Trailriders (a professional photographer), as I saw some really nice shots, but they were looking into the sun and I just got a ‘white out’. I’ll ride over and see him this week as he’s selling me some overshoes

Ride – #17     Bike – Genesis DayOne Alfine

Miles – 22.8     Total 2012 miles – 332.6


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