Lanes to Elkin Wood – 1st February


Well yesterday was a typical grey gloomy winters day, and today was a typical sunny winters day. The sky was a stunning blue and the cold was the kind that’s pretty invigorating once you get over the initial shock.

I faffed about in the house for ages convincing myself that if I left it long enough it would warm up…… It probably had a bit, but just before midday I left the house and the thermometer on the wall was still showing 0 deg C..

With time getting on all I’d have time for would be a ride to Elkin Wood, a blast round there, then home and off to work.

There wouldn’t be much time to mess about taking photos either, plus the though of taking my gloves on and off lots really did not appeal. I saw the sign to Elkin Wood and that was it……

The ride was great, the cold air only really being felt on my face, and then not in a bad way. I’d kitted up so the rest of me was toastie and the chill on my face was quite refreshing. Elkins was riding great, all the usual muddy bits were nice and hard. On the Fisher 29er it could have been bonkers fast 🙂

And then to work…….. 😦

Ride – #19     Bike – Genesis DayOne Alfine

Miles – 14.2     Total 2012 miles – 363.3


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