RAID and Church Wood – 3rd February

Church/Chantry Wood

I’d seen the front page of the Daily Mail on Thursday and seen that the council had told the Meriden RAID protesters they had got to take down their camp. So decided that my route would include riding past and giving them some support.

I set off and it was cold, very cold, but once moving it wasn’t too bad. I headed out through Meriden, and up past the Queens Head towards Eaves Green. At the protest site was a film crew and more protesters than I’ve seen there before. So I guess the coverage in the paper has increased their media profile.

Heading into Church/Chantry Wood (where does Church Wood finish and Chantry Wood start?) the ground was frozen solid so was riding really fast. A couple of laps were at a reasonable pace (avoiding the two new fallen trees) but soon I found myself pushing on a bit till a pedal clipping a tree stump made me slow down.

I’ll been a victim of tree stumps in that wood before, the faster you go the more you start trying to straightline the turns…. The trouble is the trail snakes for a reason, and there’s usually a tree stump hiding in the ferns on the inside of every turn.

The sun was streaming into the wood so I got my camera out and took some shots. Unfortunately the results weren’t great as I got distracted by the colour of the dead ferns, and my sense of composition went out the window 😦

I headed back via Kinwalsey Lane…… Bloody hell it was cold flying down the hill, the shaded bits that hadn’t seen any sun must have been still well below freezing!

Ride – #20     Bike – Genesis DayOne Alfine

Miles – 22.4     Total 2012 miles – 385.7


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