Notts to Sherwood Pines – 4th February


With the weather forecast for the weekend we knew it was going to be cold….. with a bit of snow….

As I loaded the bike in the car it was showing -6 deg C, and 1 hour up the M1 it had warmed up to a scorching -3.5!

We headed out of Smitty’s place and out of the city on the Hucknall Road, a bit of road riding got us to some sweet singletrack that followed the road, and then out into the contryside.

To be honest I haven’t got a clue where we went, but I do know that there is so much to ride out there. Countless woods and reclaimed mine spoil tips make for some stunning riding!

We got to Sherwood Pines and joined the red trail at the top of the downhill runs, and followed it round to the trail centre. Into the warmth of the cafe, bowl of soup for me and a jacket potato for Smitty and then we were back out doing the first half of the red. I was struggling to find my mojo at this point, and suspected we’d spent to much time in the cafe.

Following the red trail we got onto a new section that cuts out the top of the DH runs….. Mmmm, all very nice, but whoever laid it out has got a berm fetish! There are loads of them, try and ride them and you very quickly realise they don’t flow into each other at all, far better to try and ignore them and straightline it.

Once at the bottom of the new section we had to head out of the Pines and go Southwest back to Nottingham…. guess where the wind that had got up during the day was blowing from…. 😮

We battled into the headwind occasionally finding shelter as we cut through woods, then a few snow flakes fell, we carried on, and the few became quite a few. I was now really hurting, and trying to work out why….

Then I remembered, the last 30 mile ride I’d done was with Norbert and Lump, back at the very start of December, and probably the last time I went anywhere over 40 miles was the Kielder 100 back at the start of September! Time to MTFU, take the pain and pedal!

We took a bit of a wrong turn and ended up riding through Hucknall…. there are some strange looking types there! (If you are from Hucknall I apologise for the last comment, and hope that your forth coming child by your sister is not as deformed as the one she had with your dad)

Heading back into Nottingham we rode the singletrack  the opposite direction, then up the two bastard hills on the Hucknall Road. By this time it was snowing hard, into your face, and I was blowing out my arse! I was so glad to get to the junction at the bottom of Smitty’s road. Strangely though the final climb to his place was a piece of cake!

Overall a really good days riding, and there’s so much more………

Floyd’s top tip of the day – when riding in snow and snot is streaming out your nose, don’t get it on the inside of you right thumb – gear changes become a total nightmare!

Oh, the picture, it isn’t on the piss, that’s how it is (look at the post)

Ride – #21     Bike – Gary Fisher Paragon 29er

Miles – 51.2     Total 2012 miles – 436.9


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