Snow Ride! – 5th February

Mist in Church Wood

Go to work or go and play in the snow…

With a hastily arranged meet at the Shepherd for 9am it was going to be interesting to see who turned up.

The next question was SS or geared…

I scraped the snow off the bike that was in the same place as I’d dropped it after the last time I’d been out on it.

As I approached the Shep I could see a single figure waiting outside, Reevo. We waited till 9:05, but none of the others that expressed an interest turned up.

We headed out towards Meriden, the back lanes being compressed snow with a virgin snow ridge up the middle. Go for the centre and you could quite easily hit something buried, or stick to the compressed stuff and risk getting caught in a ridge… both had us off several times in some real comedy offs.

We decided to head down the Y-shape, a nice fast descent that had some real sideways moments!

We got to the split and decided to go left and head to Church/Chantry Wood, the climb out of the Y was really tough as the snow was hiding ground churned up by horses then frozen.

The virgin snow showed we were the first to go in the woods, and the further in we went, the thicker the mist trapped by the trees was. It gave a really eery feel to the place. Especially as the snow was absorbing all sounds apart from the occasional piece of melting snow falling from the tree tops.

We headed out of the bottom of the wood and down past the Meriden RAID protesters, then up the Old Road climb onto Meriden Hill. As we got to the bottom Reevo headed home. I continued on to Elkin Wood, and did a few laps before heading up to the top of Corley.

Then back down the now well melted Tamworth Road. At Coundon Park I turned off the road and headed through the park as I’d had enough of cold sloppy mush flicking off the wheels, into my face and up my back. The soft snow of the park was a hoot, playing about, seeing how sharp I could turn before the front wheel started to loose grip. All the dog walkers must have wondered what the hell I was playing at! Anyone following my tracks later must have thought a drunken mountain biker had been about.

Then residential streets home with kids having snowball fights and building snowmen all the way 🙂

Ride – #22     Bike – ’89 GT Tequesta SS69er

Miles – 21.6     Total 2012 miles – 458.5


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