Nuneaton Night Ride – 7th February

Puncture repair below 0 deg C

A ride from DRC around the North of Nuneaton with Nowik, Bashful and Shandyman from Godiva Trailriders. We started with the temperature just below freezing, and it just got colder!

The ground was pretty well frozen and all the snow still on the ground was now white crunchy ice. An absolute pain in the arse to ride on, bumpy with grip, then suddenly none.

About halfway through the ride Dave got a puncture and we sheltered from the cold (as best we could) under a railway bridge, and within 15 minutes we were joined by a railway security van. I’m guessing they’d seen our lights and they suspected we were looking to steal metal for scrap!

Once fixed, we carried on and eventually headed to Bentley Woods. While following Dave I lost the front end and just managed to stop before hitting a tree, but I couldn’t unclip so toppled over…. Doh. I got up, and Shandyman noticed my light on the floor. I tried to clip it back into its mount, but somehow it wouldn’t engage. Having a closer look I noticed the bracket had broken so it was time get into bodge mode with some cable ties.

I was about to get back when I noticed two blobs of brown on the palm of my glove.. I had a quick “not too close sniff” and Aggghhhh Dog Shit! Bloody disgusting! Dog walkers who don’t clear up after their hounds need shooting! And those that do and then hang the baggies in trees are just as bad!

The lashed up mounting held the light pretty well, but it’s beam was about 6′ closer to the bike than I was used to. A run through Narnia was a really interesting, I was missing turns all over the place, but with crispy snow lying next to the trail wandering off meant the bike was all over the place!

We started heading back, and went down ‘Pallets’ at the bottom end the trail twists and turns very quickly. I managed the twists, but the turn….well I just didn’t see it. I managed to somehow stay on the bike, but ended up facing Shandyman who was coming down the trail behind me!

Fortunately there wasn’t much off road after that so there were no more sketchy incidents.

We got back to DRC to find my car thermometer showing -4 deg C…. and yep, by that point it felt like it!

Ride – #23    Bike – ’89 GT Tequesta SS69er

Miles – 19.1     Total 2012 miles – 477.6


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