GT Wednesday Ride – 8th February

Reevo follows the ride into the darkness of the sowe valley way

Once again the temperature was below freezing at the start of the ride and just went lower as the night went on.

Sensibly we stayed within the city, venturing out into the countryside would have been even colder.

The route was pretty much a circular tour round the city, using the Sowe Valley Way for a big chunk.

Fortunately there were no punctures or mechanicals, so we all stayed warm.

The trails were rock hard, and some of the laying snow had thawed slightly and refrozen so that it had lost it’s whiteness and was almost black ice…… Catch that stuff and the bike could very easily suddenly disappear from under you. I think there was only one off, and that was the cause.

Talking of offs, Simo revisited and rode the Nandos steps that he came off so badly on last week. I missed the ride but I’ve heard it was a bad one. Anyway, he MTFU and rode it. I imagine he was crapping himself as he dropped onto them. Infact a few minutes earlier he almost binned it on a curb, and he admitted earlier that it was because he was too busy worrying about Nandos!

Back to the Shep, a bit of banter and then home.

I need to play with the camera a bit more as I’m strugging with nightime tracking shots.. In normal point and shoot mode, the shutter speed is too slow so I get camera shake,, but stick it into sports mode and the exposure is too short…… Gonna have to play with it a bit more.

Ride – #24    Bike – ’89 GT Tequesta SS69er

Miles – 20.7     Total 2012 miles – 498.3


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