Cannock Chase – 19th February

Bottom of the Upper Cliff climb


The original idea was to meet up with Norbert and AndyChann at 9, but a night out with a mate who’d come up from Cornwall meant this plan was likely to fail due to overdoing the beer…..

I eventually got out of bed at 8:45, with no chance of getting over to the Oak in time.

So to plan B….. I thought about heading up to Llandegla, but then noticed a tweet from @OPALlandegla saying they were closed due to snow, and may open at dinner… A long way to go for a ‘may’ open

And then plan C…. Get the DayOne out and just bang some miles in, although to be honest this idea was not favorite as for the next two weeks I’m on afternoons so will be doing loads of this kind of riding

And plan D…. One of the engineers at work was picking a mountain bike up on Friday and had said he was planning on heading to Cannock on Sunday, so I sent him a text… turns out he couldn’t wait and had gone over on Saturday….

Then my central heating boiler went a knacker again! Oh Joy!

So I loaded the bike into the car and headed for Cannock!

The sun was out and the closer I got to Cannock Chase the more snow was on the ground, but it was melting fast….. I kind of resigned myself that it’ll be a bit of a mudfest. The car park at the top of Marquis Drive was packed, but I managed to squeeze the Astra in.

The plan was to do a couple of laps and on my first lap of the Monkey trail I passed the trail pixies from Chase trails working on the Werewolf Drop bypass route, and decided on my next lap I’d stop to help.

I ended up spending the whole of the afternoon out on the otherside of the railway, so never went back past them.

The trails were very muddy, but riding really well, and two laps of the trails the other side of the railway, a couple of extra loops of the Cliff descents and several runs around the Monkey/Dog split loop pretty much had me knackered.

Then home for Sausage and Mash 🙂

Ride – #29     Bike – Gary Fisher Paragon 29er

Miles – 26.7     Total 2012 miles – 591.6


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