Draycote Water – 21st February

That doesn't include cyclists

Originally the plan was to head out offroad with Lump and Norbert, but they both got jobs for Tuesday so had to pull out. I was looking forward to riding one of their routes for a change, so really didn’t fancy doing my normal stuff.

On the way home from work on Monday night I hatched a plan to head over to Draycote earlyish and bang in 6 fast laps. At 5 miles a lap that would be a nice leg burner, especially as there was a 10mph+ wind, and I know from experience if there is any wind at all you’ll feel it at Draycote.

I needed to be back home for 12:30 as the central heating engineer was coming back to try and fix the boiler. 3rd visit and no heating or hot water since Saturday morning!

The car park was pretty empty when I got there and on my first lap I only spotted a handful of walkers, cyclists, and twitterers, I’m sure they’re not called that, but something else, quite similar, but I can’t think what it is…. Warblers? Tweeters?…….. No idea, but in reality they’re birdwatchers.

The six laps passed pretty quickly as did the clouds. The wind was blowing from directly behind the boathouse, meaning the long up and down section from the NE corner past Thurlaston down to the SW outlet point was into a headwind… “character building” is what they call it, “bloody hard work” is the term I prefer.

I timed my second lap and really pushed hard, but there were some workmen unloading some fencing from a flatbed so I had to stop and wait. I’m not sure who was driving the JCB extending forklift thingy but I’m sure Co-Co the Clown could have done better. Health and Safety would have had kittens if they’d seen what a total mess he was making of things. It screwed up my lap a bit but I managed 17:51… I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but I’m sure I could do better.

On the next lap the workmen were unloading the fencing by hand………. 🙂

As I got to the end of lap 6 I realised I had loads of time to spare, and could do 8 laps. The legs felt fine so I thought I might as well carry on.

I finished the 8 in plenty of time to get back for the central heating engineer. Although as I type the heating is still not fixed and the temperature on the thermostat is showing the same as the one in the car! At least it’s unseasonally mild! Engineer visit number 4 is scheduled for dinnertime tomorrow……

Wish me luck!

P.S. The pictures I took were all while riding the bike as I was more interested in riding the bike than stopping and looking for shots, most where pretty bad. Sorry but there’ll be more rides like that……

Ride – #30    Bike – Genesis DayOne Alfine

Miles – 40.7     Total 2012 miles – 632.3


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