Lanes North of Coventry – 23rd February

I've seen planes leave vapour trails but never one cut a cloud in half!

I woke up early, knowing if I wanted to get out on the bike I’d have to do it early as later I’d got to take my Mum to University Hospital as she’s having a knee replacement done.

Motivation was hard as the house was freezing cold, and so was my biking kit. The engineer had failed to show up in the time slot they had said yesterday, and so the visit has been resceduled for Friday 8-10am (Day 7 without heating or hot water). The electric fan heaters promised on Tuesday still haven’t turned up either….. this could very easily become a rant, sorry….

So I set off into the the morning traffic trying to get out of the city ASAP. School run drivers more interested in trying to communicate with their offspring sat in the back seat rather than drive, or text, or both….. As I got to Coundon Court School the traffic chaos was mental, parking on double yellows, three point turns etc. Then as I went past Northbrook Road a Citroen people carrier turned right, I grabbed both brakes and managed to stop. Another ‘school run mum’ suggested I go and have a word with her, but I thought better of it. I was not in the best of moods and if I’d have started ranting at her I would have been perceived as the one in the wrong. I could I suppose have gone and taken her photo, and said I was going to the police, that may of made her think (but probably not) It was a good job I didn’t have my camera in my hand at the time otherwise I’d have not got to the brakes in time, and poor little ‘Johnny’ (Who obviously must have no legs) would have had my face squashed against his window….. What is it with giving kids lifts to school? Let the little fuckers walk! I had to! If I’d have asked my Dad for a lift to school I can imagine what the response would have been! ….. another rant!

Anyway once out in the lanes I chilled out, the mild weather and sun breaking through the hazy cloud made for a really relaxing ride.

At one point I noticed a plane had cut a cloud in half, not leaving a vapour trail but had actually sliced the thing in two, I’ve never seen that before. Unlike vapour trails, it only lasted about a minute before in vanished. Bizarre!

Up towards Fillongley I turned off to Wood End, as I came round a bend in frontb of me was a telegraph pole cut in half about a foot off the ground, I’ve no idea what had hit it, but it must take some force to do that. There was a fair amount of debris on the side of the road and in the ditch next to it.

I got home walked into the house and noticed that it was now colder inside than out…. so opened the windows to let the warm air IN

Oh, and the fan heaters…… still haven’t arrived!

Ride – #31    Bike – Genesis DayOne Alfine

Miles – 18.6     Total 2012 miles – 650.9


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