Paragon Setup Ride – 24th February

Opps! Now I don't think they meant to go that wide on the exit of the corner

With Matts Peak District ride tomorrow and the Paragon rear deraillieur phantom shifting like mad at the end of the Cannock trip last Sunday it was time to try and set it up correctly. On the workstand it was working fine, but under load it was being a real pain.

I’d given everything a bit of a clean, the cable was running free, so the plan was to do a quick few miles on tarmac to fine tune it.

But try as I might the thing wouldn’t behave itself. After much tweeking I can get it to run OK 99% of the time. The whole lot probably needs taking to bits and stripping. Or I may have slightly bent the rear deraillieur. I’ll have a closer look next week.

The quick few miles turned into a 20 miler following a similar route to yesterday.

I helped a fair maiden in a company Smart car (kitchen design) who was lost in Pikers Lane. She was looking for a place called Ferndown on Wall Hill Road and was at the wrong end of Pikers. I pointed her in the right direction, to get on the road she was looking for, but knew the name but couldn’t think where it was. She headed off the right way, so hopefully she found it (turns out it’s opposite the end of Hollyfast Lane). She was very nice, I should have chanced it and asked if after she’d done her visit she fancied lunch…… Sod it, if you don’t ask…….. Opportunity missed……

I carried on and ended up in Wood End Lane again, riding past the broken telegraph pole…… I had a closer look, they really must have hit it hard as it’s sheared the pole about 12″ above the ground. From the debris left behind I could tell it was a Toyota…… I bet that it’s looking very secondhand!

Then back home, to the cold house – visit number 5 failed to sort the central heating! 😦

Ride – #32   Bike – Gary Fisher Paragon 29’er

Miles – 20.3     Total 2012 miles – 671.2


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