Lanes and bridleways – 28th February

The Oakfield Stables farm cat

In celebration (hopefully) I headed out of the city on the DayOne, the now fixed (hopefully) boiler warming the cold house. I guess it’s not really suprising how after 10 days without heat just about everything in the house seems chilly.

The forecast for the day was mild but with grey skies, and the weather didn’t disappoint.

To be honest I wasn’t really ‘in the mood’ to go out but I forced myself, and the first few miles out of the city were hard work. My legs were tired from the weekend and the grey sky didn’t inspire. At one point I took a photo of a pile of horse shit, with the possibility of scrapping the ride and putting that picture up!

But I plodded on and headed out towards Meriden, down the Y, and up Harvest Hill Lane. By this point I was quite enjoying it. I had to be home earlyish anyway to pick the car up from the garage, so it was then a ride back along the Meriden – Fillongley Road  to Corley, then home.

And when I got home the central heating was still working….. bonus!

Ride – #35     Bike – Genesis DayOne Alfine

Miles – 18.7     Total 2012 miles – 736.2


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