Lanes and Greenway ride – 29th February

Burton Green and the Greenway - Stop HS2

The leap year gave us the 29th Feb, the chance of an extra ride out on the bike… the weather however had forgotten to turn up again and grey drab skies seemed to be the order of the day.

So the big question was what to do? Once again the grey skies didn’t inspire any movement off the sofa….I could….. Tinker with the Paragon look at the weeping fork leg and try and work out what was going on with rear deraillieur? Do some minor pointless tinkering with the Carver? Clean the GT? Watch Jeremy Kyle….. Where’s my riding kit…..

I headed off to Wainbody Wood to see if the body that had been found was on the Gibbet Hill side of the railway, the side we ride. It wasn’t. Getting to the high point of the wood and looking over the railway lines a lot of police vehicles and equipment were visible.

I headed out towards Kenilworth and hopped onto the Greenway to Berkswell… Stop HS2 signs everywhere… and I agree. Not just because of the great chunks of countryside that are going to get trashed, but the cost of the project is staggering, current estimates are £130m per mile! That’s a mind blowing £81,000 per metre, and we know from experience these kind of projects usually go way over budget. Surely in these tough economic times there are far more important thing to spend money on.

This is not a political blog so I’ll say no more on the subject…..

Mind you, thinking about it £17bn to reduce the journey time from London to Birmingham by 23 minutes sounds like a bargain! NOT!…..sorry 🙂

I carried on down the doomed Greenway and came off at Burton Green, heading towards Balsall Common. Just as I was leaving the villiage I noticed a strange thing. One of the original MAGLEV carriages from the Birmingham Airport to Birmingham International station link sitting in a field…… I would have stopped for a photo but the HS2 poster had been decided upon by then.

I carried on to Balsall Common, then headed back home via Meriden. Not a bad spin out considering I wasn’t really too motivated earlier in the morning.

Ride – #36     Bike – Genesis DayOne Alfine

Miles – 27.0     Total 2012 miles – 736.2


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