Pools Loop with Norbert – 2nd March

Norbert in Wappenbury Wood

I met Norbert at his place at 10, the idea being to allow the mist (that was forecast and we’d had the previous morning) time to burn away. But there wasn’t really much mist, and the clear skies of first thing were now becoming filled with hazy cloud. As we set off from his place, Harris lay chilling on the front window cill waiting for his Dad to come back and take him for a walk.

Straight away Norbert was having problems with his chain. It was jumping all over the place, and no amount of tweaking of adjusters could cure it. Typical new chain on old cassette syndrome.

Heading through Wappenbury Wood the trails were just wet enough to make things interesting. I’m not sure about what Norbert was having to deal with, but the GTs backend was getting really wayward in some places.

Heading out of the woods down into Wappenbury villiage the sun started burning through the haze, and dropping down towards the River Leam we met some very pleasant ramblers…….who even held a gate open for us!

The route now took us down a very muddy Ridge Lane then onto the canal at the doomed Bridge 31….  Destined to be a HS2 route victim…… Don’t get me started again!

A quick snack as we came off the canal, being passed by a ‘wobbly’ young lady walking her dog……..then North up “The Shredder” which has been cut back so there was not so much as a graze on either of us by the time we reached Marton Junction.

The disused railway towards Birdingbury really started to show how the 32:18 gearing is too low, the road sections from now on showed up just how much I was spinning up, the only relief being the hill behind Marton villiage (Windmill Hill?)

We cut the ride short as time was getting on and headed back down the A45 rather than back through Wappenbury Wood. Pulling up outside Norbert’s, Harris was still in the window, looking quite relaxed but looking happy his Dad was back.

I headed off to get ready for work, while Norbert planned his afternoon…… Shower, Lunch, Walk Harris, Order a new cassette……

Ride – #37    Bike – ’89 GT Tequesta SS69er

Miles – 24.1     Total 2012 miles – 760.3


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