Local blast – 3rd March

Riding with Northern Rob and Grey Moon

The day started with me in a really indecisive mood. Do I bother going out today? It took a while, but eventually I came up with the answer yes. I’d got up late so couldn’t decide if I should just head out on my own or drive over to the Cocked Hat and meet up with Grey Moon and Northern Rob. Sod it, with dull weather it’d be more inspiring riding with someone else. Looking out of the back door, the GT was leaning against the fence with a flat front. Must have picked that up yesterday, and I haven’t the time or inclination to fix it now…. I’ll be riding the ‘crosser….

So that was the decision process. 🙂

What to have for breakfast was an easy one. With nothing really in the house, it was 2 cans of cheap Red Bull and a cracker with cheese!

I went to load the bike into the car and the grey skies were now accompanied by fine drizzle…. a voice in my head said “bollocks to this” while a louder one said “MTFU you tart, it’s only water”

Unsure if I’d got my body fueling correct I stopped at my local shop and got another can of cheap Red Bull and a Creme Egg……

As I dropped down off the ring road the drizzle hitting the windscreen turned into proper rain, but thankfully by the time I got to the Cocked Hat it was back to drizzle.

Once on the bike we headed straight for a quick blast in Brandon Wood, then out onto Brandon Lane and to Coombe via the Brinklow bridleways, slowly the drizzle was stopping and the sky was looking brighter.

As we left the back of Coombe the sun burst through, and the sky started to clear. Soon we were on the towpath of the Oxford canal riding in brilliant sunshine with blue skies above us. After a stop where the Oxford runs next to Cathiron Lane I swapped bikes with Grey for a while, he seemed to quite like the DayOne, but struggled a bit as he didn’t have SPDs on.

The lanes through Kings Newnham allowed us to get to the Brinklow bridleways without having to risk life and limb on the Bretford straight. The middle bridleway we used was fine till we hit a boggy section. Rob tried to ride it and stopped dead as his front wheel sank! A good 100m of pushing ensued, with the sticky mud making it slow progress.

We headed to Brandon and through the hotel. Onb the way up to Little Brandon Wood  noticed a trail on the right. We followed it and it looped back towards the hotel. At the end was a small climb, I tried to ride it, but the back wheel started to spin. I tried to unclip my left foot, but nothing happened and I had a comedy SPD fall. I managed to unclip when I lay on the ground, but found I’d lost a screw out of the cleat… just like on the Peaks ride, only this time it was gone…. I knew it had needed looking at, but I’d not bothered…..Duh!! I tried tightening the remaining screw but the cleat still rotated, so I had no option, I had to take it off.

The rest of the ride round Brandon Wood was done with only my right foot clipped in…. it wasn’t too bad on the flat, but once it got rooty it was bloody hard work!

After a blast round the woods we headed back to the Cocked Hat, just in time to see the clouds building up. About 20 minutes later it threw it down…. 🙂

Ride – #38    Bike – Genesis DayOne Alfine

Miles – 26.3     Total 2012 miles – 813.6


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