GT Monday Ride – 5th March

Heading back down Brandon Lane

It had been a sunny day, and the clear sky at sunset gave a good idea of what we might have to expect temperature wise…. But as the old chinese proverb says “If rickshaw driver feeling cold…… MTFU and pedal faster”

To be honest, standing in the car park at the Cocked Hat it did seem quite chilly, but once on the bike it was OK.

It was a real ‘make it up as we go’ ride, a bit of Brandon Wood, Little Brandon, (We did the new section that was found on Saturday behind the hotel), Coombe. At that point a friend of Pav’s who’d come along but had been struggling wanted to bail, so we rode with him to the bottom of Woodway Lane.

Then it was onto the Sowe Valley Path where me and the SS were really struggling as Pav set a blistering pace, up past the Aldermoor, where new guy Nathan managed to have an OTB trying to climb some wooden steps from under Allard Way. He went down pretty hard but both he and his Orange 5* were OK. Down Whitley Grove then back along Brandon Lane and a final blast through Brandon Wood.

* We found out during the ride that Pav lusts after Orange 5s

Ride – #39     Bike – ’89 GT Tequesta SS69er

Miles – 20.9     Total 2012 miles – 834.5


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