Welsh Weekender Day 1 – 10th March

Rod and Chris head into the gloom....

“Laura Tobin tells porkies!”

We arrived in Machynlleth at about 17.30 on the Friday and split the evening between eating at the White Lion (opting to dine in the bar rather than the restaurant – private joke, you need to eat there to get it) and in the bunkhouse with a group of posh mountain biking ‘Brummies’. Well That’s what we named them, in reality two of them lived in Birmingham that we knew of, but what they had in common was they were so far up their own arses it was untrue! You must know the sort, pretentious fuckwits, full of their own self importance who can’t help but talk LOUD so everyone in the vicinity can hear. There were 6 of them 2 couples and 2 blokes. Anyway enough about them….for now.

We woke early and were up having breakfast with the TV on. The weather came on and Laura Tobin told us the weather was going to OK, a bit of cloud but brightening up. Sounds fine, we got the bikes out, and headed towards the Dyfi Forest, the grey gloom hiding the mountains. A long climb up an alternative fireroad due to work being done in the forest. I’ve no idea quite where we went, but we ended up doing two laps of part of the Dyfi Enduro route with some stunning singletrack descents. Rob did mention their names but I can’t remember them (apart from Elephents trunk…) We kept dropping on and off the waymarked Cli-Machx trail, which also has some great riding.

By dinnertime Chris was struggling and as it turned out had a horrible friction rash on his right knee from his pads so we called it quits and as the final ‘Tony the Tiger’ black decent was closed, went back down some bridleways, the last one of which was a completely nuts decent that had brakes cooking and bikes pulling all sorts of shapes as we tried to keep them on the trail! Retracing our route out we were soon back at the excellent bunkhouse, bikes washed and riders showered.

We headed back to the White Lion and watched Wales beat Italy 24-3 in the Six Nations. Later we found the Taj Mahal, obviously from the amount of customers eating and ordering take-aways, the only curry house for miles! A quick pint in thrash metal haven ‘Skinners’ and we headed back to our Brummie friends in the bunkhouse. There followed a volume battle with their loud chatter in competition with us and the TV remote. Slowly they drifted to bed, but me and Rob were determined to watch Match of the Day (I can’t be arsed with football, but it was a matter of principle).

Rob’s preseverence paid off with a rare Blackburn victory, 3-0 against Wolves (and an even rarer clean sheet!) – Happy Birthday Northern Rob!

One of the Lady mountain biking Brummies then appeared at the door and asked us to turn the TV down a bit as she was pregnant and needed her sleep……. ????

Then off to bed, with Nant Y Arian in the morning, and weatherman Alex Deakin promising good weather……….

P.S. The Reditreks bunkhouse is superb and the amount of local riding is huge, it’s well worth a visit. I’ll be going back for sure.


Ride – #41     Bike – Gary Fisher Paragon 29’er

Miles – 28.0     Total 2012 miles – 883.7


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