GT Monday Ride – 12th March

Den attacks the 'Slippery Slope of Doom'

The usual 7pm meeting saw 7 riders turn up at the Cocked Hat, including Shandyman, who’d been out for a bit with AndyChann.

I was leading as we headed out into Brandon Wood and then cut over into Little Brandon. As we rounded a corner there on the trail was a Muntjac deer. I’m not sure who was more suprised me or it. It slowly walked off the trail and into the undergrowth no more than 10ft away.

AndyChann took over and we headed over to Wappenbury.  Going through Ryton Pools on the way to a sneaky ride round Ryton Wood, Shandyman got a puncture. While he was mending it, me, Rob and Den started messing on the ‘Slippery Slope’. Me the jump going down, and the other two practicing climbing the gravel chute.

Once Shandyman was sorted we did a quick loop in the woods, then headed to Wappenbury. On the run down, Greenie and Shandyman were behind me, but at the turn off they’d gone. Turned out Shandyman had clipped a tree and had a major off. Somehow he got away with it apart from a stunning ‘egg’ on his shin.

We continued on,, through Wappenbury villiage, down to,Eathorpe and up and over the bridleway to Marton. At the bottom Shandyman punctured again, and while he fixed it Den and Rob kept riding up and down the bridleway seeing just how sideways they could get on the slippery off camber turn.

Once fixed it was through Marton and up Windmill Hill, Greenie being chuffed he’d managed to ride it all the way up for the first time. Then heading back through Stretton and Wolston we ended up outside the Royal Oak, where AndyChann and Shandyman headed right to Andy’s place and we cut through the back of the hotel, Brandon Wood and out into Ferndale. A mile of tarmac and warm down chat and we were back at the Cocked Hat.

Ride – #43     Bike – ’89 GT Tequesta SS69er

Miles – 25.5     Total 2012 miles – 924.5


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