Carver Setup Ride – 20th March

Introducing the Carver to Warwickshire trails

You build a bike, set it up static and everything feels just right…….. you get 1/2 mile up the road, and you’ve got the multi tool out adjusting things. 🙂

It was a pretty stop start ride with loads of minor adjustments, but by the time I got to Elkin Wood most things were feeling right. The White Brothers Loop fork is sticking a bit, but in all the reviews I’ve read they say it sorts itself out after a couple of rides. One thing that is a pain in the arse at the moment is the X7 rear deraillieur which is lazy / sticking on the very smallest cogs. I had another 2012 one on the Fisher (they were brought at about the same time) and that did something similar. The one on the Carver however is doing it intermittently, fingers crossed it will loosen up with use….

A good blast round Elkin Wood was followed by a trip to Albany Cycles then on to see the folks…..

Home just in time to get ready for work…… I think I’m gonna enjoy riding the Carver 🙂  Even with the 120mm fork (frame is optimised for 100-110) it steers really quick. As it can has two settings internally, the plan was to reduced the travel to 100mm, but it may stay at 120.

The sag was set to the table in the instruction manual, but I may up the pressure a couple of PSI. I did the RockShox fork on the Fisher to the manual, ended up upping it 5 PSI. I’ll take my shock pump out at some point soon and have a play with pressures.

I’m looking forward to riding it on some nice tight twisty singletrack…. Soon 🙂

Ride – #47     Bike – Carver 96’er

Miles – 19.6     Total 2012 miles – 1023.7


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