Millisons and Chantry Ride – 22nd March

Playing on the Carver in Chantry Wood

A quick ride up to Millisons Wood, several laps, over to Chantry Wood, a blast round there, then home.

The back pack was pretty loaded, I added a litre bottle of drink and 2 cans of beer which brought the weight up around the 10kg mark, and it felt fine. Quite what it’ll be like on a rocky Welsh mountainside compared to the lanes and woods North of the city I dread to think! I’m not sure how much I’ll be carrying at the weekend, but I doubt it’ll be over 10kg.

The blob of oil I put on the X7 rear mech seems to have sorted it. As the ride went on the shifting got crisper….. we’ll see what happens when a bit of mud enteres the equation.

Still not got the forks dialled in. I meant to take my shock pump with me but forgot. It’s not like I’m tight for space… I’m carrying 10kg of nothing in particular 🙂  The front feels a bit skittery, but that could be a) fork setup, b) a Rampage instead of a Fire XC, c) 10kg of extra weight hanging off the back of the bike… or a combination of that lot. We’ll see

The trails really are running quick, the warm weather has dried things out nicely…. I just hope it stays for the weekend!

Ride – #49     Bike – Carver 96’er

Miles – 20.8     Total 2012 miles – 1063.1


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