Albany and Local Woods – 28th March

Sneaking up on the Police before burning them off the lights... childish? Yep, I guess so!

I popped to Albany Cycles to get some mineral oil to bleed the brakes on the Carver. While I was there I mentioned to Simon (the owner) that I’d been struggling to adjust the rear mech on the Fisher and I suspected the mech hanger may be stitting out of alignment. He got it on the workstand and had a look. Yes there was a bit of misalignment, which he sorted, but as I kind of suspected (but had been trying to ignore) both shifters and the rear mech are well past their best.

He had a tweek and got it running better, but it really does need looking at. I also got some new lever bushes for the juicy Fives as the levers, particularly the front are flopping about all over the place.

I headed out of Albany Cycles with no real plan, heading up and around the Memorial Park. As I got to Wainbody Avenue North I spotted two cyclists in Hi-Viz, so I gave chase. As I got closer I switched the Fisher to ‘stealth’ mode, the traffic lights on the A45 were on red, they slowed. I thought about going between them, but I pulled alongside, they looked over, I looked back through mirror shades. The lights changed and I beat them off the lights! I’d razzed the Fuzz!

It had me chuckling for the rest of the ride! Childish? Yep? 🙂

I carried on to Wainbody Wood, did a few laps of that, then a kind of semi reverse GT Wednesday Uni loop. This city may not be exactly a ‘mountain’ biking mecca, but it never ceases to amaze me just how much of a ride you can do offroad if you link the woods and trails correctly.

Simon’s tweek worked well and the bike rode OK, but after the Scottish Easter trip I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and do something about the shifters and mech.

Ride – #52    Bike – Gary Fisher Paragon 29’er

Miles – 18.9     Total 2012 miles – 1156.5


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