Coundon Wedge and Lanes – 29th March

Just a quick spin for an hour or so. If the it hadn’t been so nice out I’d have probably not bothered, but as the weather was so good it would have been rude not too!

I’d adjusted the brakes and they felt better. I’d also upped the air pressure in the White Brothers fork from the 100psi (that was high for my weight according to the setup booklet) to 110psi, the maximum they recommend. It has certainly made all the difference to the front end. Maybe ‘Merkins like their forks soft…..

I looned about on Coundon Wedge for a bit annoying the dog walkers before heading off up the lanes to Corley. Then it was into the big ring and I flew down the Tamworth Road back into the city.

I’m really starting to feel comfortable with the Carver now. I think I’ll take it and the Fisher to Cannock on Saturday and maybe try them back to back round the Monkey.

Ride – #53    Bike – Carver 96’er

Miles – 13.5     Total 2012 miles – 1170.0


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