GT Monday Night Mudfest – 9th April

Good Bearing - Bad Bearing

With it having rained all day we had a rough idea what the conditions would be like…..

We met at the Cocked Hat and headed out on the standard Brandon Woods, Wolston, Ryton, Ryton Pools route, with a few little detours down tracks we could see in the fading light. Some were OK and could be used while some just stopped.

After a loop round Ryton Pools/Woods we headed back, but somehow took a wrong turn between Ryton and Wolston, ending up on the river side of the sewage works off Wolston Lane. It seemed to be a well worn track so we pressed on, thinking it would meet up with the track that heads into Wolston Woods. The track stopped at a stile, so we hopped over it and tried to find were the track now went…. nothing. Someone mentioned the fact that as there didn’t seem to be any shit on the ground at least there were no animals about. Crossing the field we came to an open gate, surrounded by a mud pit. We jumped off the bikes and walked round the edge, but when I got back on the rear mech was jumping all over the place.

We stopped and I pulled the rear wheel out, as it seemed like the top jockey wheel was jammed. It was, I took the centre screw out and it became obvious that the bearing had collapsed, after several attempts I managed to loosely put it back together so the jockey wheel would rotate. Rather than ride it I started pushing, Greenie was in front heading into the darkness when suddenly he stopped. There were loads of eyes looking at us, then they moved, and started heading across the field. The sound of horses hooves came closer, then suddenly we could see them! Oh shit, we’re in the middle of a field, with spooked horses stampeding. We ran to the edge of the field and skirted the fence back to the gate then made a dash for the stile. Retracing out route we eventually worked out where we had gone wrong and headed towards Wolston on the right track.

I rode the bike from there and the bearing held and kept turning, although occasionally it would bind and the chain would chatter over it. Back through Brandon on road and home. An eventful Monday night ride for sure!

Ride – #59     Bike – Gary Fisher Paragon 29’er

Miles – 28.6     Total 2012 miles – 1312.7


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