GT Wednesday Night Ride – 11th April

Tangtastics?.... Oh, yes please!

This week we did one of the occasional Wednesday nighters from a different start point. The Rugby Tavern in Cubbington was the venue, with Simo ‘Captain Crash’ leading the ride. Norbert pulled out the day before claiming he had to work, but we suspected it may actually be due to fact he usually ends up hurt on Simo’s rides.

22 riders headed out on a great route that took in Kenilworth, Warwick and back through Leamington. The route even took in a lap of Campion Hills BMX track, although no one got any ‘big air’. Bruce however tried chasing a local BMX rabbit, he had it in his lights, but in a cunning move the rabbit turned sharply uphill causing the singlespeeding Bruce to give up the chase.

The choice of ride photo was limited as somehow I’d switched the camera into supermacro mode and the poor thing struggled to get anything in focus. Strangely, It did manage to focus when AmeriKev was passing round a bag of Tangtastics, so that’s the one I’ve posted.

Ride – #60    Bike – Carver 96’er

Miles – 23.2     Total 2012 miles – 1336.0


3 thoughts on “GT Wednesday Night Ride – 11th April

    • It was a bloody nightmare, I couldn’t work it out. I thought there was a fault with the camera! It seemed to spend ages trying to focus, almost got there, or at least it looked like it had on the screen, but when I downloaded them :o( bad!

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