Welsh Weekender (Day1 Night Ride) – 20th April

The bunkhouse at Bwlch-Coediog “Nature reserve” was…. “interesting” that’s all I’ll say on the matter. I don’t think either of us would go back! The only redeeming feature was the owners sheep dog Cerys, who was always wanting you to throw wood or balls for her to fetch.

After our two man ‘pasta party’ we decided to ride from the bunkhouse rather than driving anywhere to do a night ride. As the route would need to be navigated leaving it till total darkess would have been stupid so we headed out at about 7. Riding up the valley I heard a dog, thinking it was working sheep in the field next to me. After a while it sounded close, I looked down and there was Cerys running alongside. Back to the bunkhouse we went, to drop the dog off with the owners. Back up the hill, further this time, Robs suddenly announces he’s not sure where the van keys are. I carry on while he heads back.

He caught me up at the climb over the 1300ft saddle between Ffridd Ddu and Bwlch-Coediog. A few minor navigational errors but we soon found ourselves descending into the stunningly empty Clywedog Valley. A footbridge got us across the river and we headed down the valley, the sun having long since dipped below the mountains. A single path ran parallel with the river all the way down, and as we rode, sheep and lambs scattered in all directions.  As dusk fell, we rounded the corner of the valley as it opens up into the valley that the A458 runs down. We rode through the farm at Braich-llwyd and a sheep dog came running out of the yard and had a go at me. Fortunately a waved MW80 made him think twice and he though better of it.

It was now tarmac all the way down the A458 to the bottom of the valley that the bunkhouse was in. Then up the lane about a mile and a half and we were back, just as the light went totally. We sat on the bunks happy that the day that had looked such a wash out when we arrived had turned out pretty good, and planned Saturday’s riding….. tomorrow we’d ride Cadair Idris!

Ride – #64     Bike – Gary Fisher Paragon 29’er

Miles – 9.9     Total 2012 miles – 1434.1


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