My Big Fat Gypsy First Ride – 30th April

Due to the week of rain we’ve just had, my first real ride on the Mukluk other than up and down the street, freaking out the neighbours!

I’ve heard tyre pressures are important, so I ran 8psi front and 12psi rear…. seemed OK

The ride….Wow…. It’s a riot! Just what I remember the On-One prototype rode like at SSUK last year. It ‘s hard to describe what it feels like to ride…… ask me for a go if you’re that interested. Just thinking about how to describe it is making me grin.

Singletrack called it the true ‘Jesus bike’ as in “Jesus, will you look at that!” Ride it and the Jesus theme continues, as in “Jesus, that’s fun!”

Rob came along with his Pugsley, and we spent a good hour looning around in the city centre, riding every set of steps we could find, several times. Up to Coombe Abbey for a couple of laps, keeping to the paths as anything off road looked a mess. Then back through the city centre, with a couple more flights of steps… well, it would have been rude not to

The amount of people doing a double take when they see the bike is amazing. It’s not a bike to ride if you’re shy!


Ride – #68     Bike – ’12 Salsa Mukluk 3

Miles – 30.0     Total 2012 miles – 1539.0


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