Kenilworth on the Muk – 11th May

Larking about on the big wheels!

With the sun shining it would have been rude not to have spent the whole evening messing about on bikes…. well, one bike actually, the one that makes no sense…. but in reality makes the most! I ride bikes to enjoy myself, OK, there’s keeping fit too, but if that was the only reason I’d use the air rower that sits in the dining room (workshop), and I think I’ve used it three times in the last nine months. Some people swear by them… me, they drive me nuts with boredom. Anyone what to buy an air rower? Very resonable price….

I digress… I headed off to Albany Cycles, to buy a Charge Spoon saddle from Simon… A top bloke, want a bike, spares or just advice, he’s your man –  I needed a new saddle at the WTB Pure V thing the Muk was supplied with is bad, really bad. Almost as bad as the brakes….. but that’s something for another day.

He eventually finished serving a ‘fat gobby bird’ who wanted everyone in Earlsdon to know she was buying a bike… well I presume she did, as her gob volume control was set on 11. He was straight on the Muk, out the shop and up the street, coming back with the usual virgin fat riders grin, and comments about how he didn’t expect it to ride like that.

Spoon fitted and WTB stashed in my pack I headed off into town to blow a few minds. A quick blast round the Cathedral and university fulfilled my craving for steps. I’m going to have to be careful, as I’m riding steps a bit quick now I’ve got used to how the Muk takes them. On the Cathedral steps I jumped all but the last two of the first flight, and cleared the second flight completely, but the landing was not the most graceful and I badly jarred my left wrist, maybe I should take that as a warning…. I bet I don’t…..

With the sun out, and slight tailwind I headed out through the War Memorial park to Kenilworth, eventually ending up at the Castle. I noticed the time was getting on and I’d said I’d pop to my parents, so decided to head back…. into the headwind. Oh my god, it didn’t seem that strong when it was on my back, but now it was into my face, and it was hard going!

I eventually got past Stoneleigh and turned onto the Stoneleigh Road just after a slow looking roadie went past. A voice in my head shouted “Go on then, chase him down and overtake him, the fat wheels will blow his mind” I went after him, and was reeling him in nicely when I lost drive, it felt like my free hub had failed, but when I looked it was only the smallest sprocket that wouldn’t drive. I watched my target disappear into the distance. I thought I knew what the issue was, but there was nothing I could do to sort it now, it was one for home. In the meantime I headed to my parents my tallest gear unavailable.

After an hour at my parents I rode home in the rapidly fading light, but couldn’t help but ride some more steps as I went through the city centre.

Ride – #79     Bike – ’12 Salsa Mukluk

Miles – 22.4     Total 2012 miles – 1640.6


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