Another Lanes Ride – 17th May

I really struggled to get motivated to get out on the bike….. Maybe it was the fact that I’d planned to have a ‘big ride’ and various things had conspired to screw that plan and I’d got a mardy on. Maybe it was the weather, it’d started out clear blue skies but by the time I was in a position to be able to get out it was pretty cloudy…. Or just maybe, when it comes to riding the bike I’m spoilt… most weekends I’m off somewhere like the Peaks, Wales, The Lakes…. and riding round the lanes of Coventry just doesn’t inspire like it once did.

Anyway I kicked my mardy arse out of the door and slung my leg over the DayOne. All the way out of the city I’d got a demon sat on my shoulder saying “Bollocks to this, what are you doing, turn it round and go home”. Fortunately I’d didn’t listen, as soon I was out in the countryside, and strangely the sun seemed to shine more, and the legs started getting into the groove.

It was a bit of an aimless blast really, the route constantly changing, but by the end I was so glad I’d gone out (it’s very very rare I end up wishing I hadn’t)

Quite what the picture portrays I’m not sure. I saw the field and blue cloudy sky, then the barbed wire and I just liked the contrast…. I took one composed the same apart from the sky/field is in focus and the barbed wire is out of focus, but the one above stood out….. Is that some kind of representation of my state of mind? I bet some highly qualified shrink would say so…….

Ride – #82     Bike – Genesis DayOne Alfine

Miles – 23.3     Total 2012 miles – 1721.5


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