Brandon Blast – 18th May

Spot the deer

A courier delivery of a Surly Nate tyre for the Muk meant the chance of a ride could have been slim, but DFD the courier has a 1 hour delivery time slot estimate on their tracking webpage. So first thing in the morning I got on the net and waited. At 9 the time slot was posted, 10:11 to 11:11…. Great, enough time to get out, do the stuff I needed to sort and get back.

A quick rush about and I was back for 10, and at 10:15 the courier arrived. By 10:30 I was heading out the door! I’d decided the night before that I’d head to Brandon Woods, so a quick dash through town (taking in the odd flight of steps) and I was there.

Heading along the Radford Road I saw a funny thing, a dog driving a car…… well not quite driving it, more sitting on the drivers lap! What a stupid bitch…… 🙂

Brandon was excellent, the trails were dried out perfectly. Not too hard so the tyres were struggling for grip. You could really push the front end in the corners as the tread had something to get it’s teeth into. And if it did let go, it would very quickly get back some grip. Squirrels were everywhere, almost every time I hit a new piece of trail one would go flying up a tree.

I spent over an hour and a half riding Brandon, Piles Coppice, Little Brandon and the pump track. All too soon it was time to start heading back. As I was riding along the bottom of Piles Coppice a Muntjac deer flew out of the undergrowth less than a metre away…… I’m not sure who was the most suprised!

As I climbed up through the coppice I noticed another deer, this time a proper sized one. I stopped the bike and stood still. Then another one appeared, this one bigger that the first. Do they hang around in couples? I quietly got my camera out and took a few photos, but soon they were spooked and disappeared into the trees.

Brandon Woods, what a great place, and less than 1/2hr ride from home. It’s easy to forget what nice trails are on the doorstep.

Ride – #83     Bike – Gary Fisher Paragon 29’er

Miles – 23.9     Total 2012 miles – 1745.4


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