Doh! I Broke My Bike! – 20th May

Now that wasn’t supposed to happen!

All work and no play make Floydy a grumpy mountain biker……

So after a week at work followed by 16 hours over Saturday and Sunday it was time to ride the bike.

I’d arranged with Rob to ride the snowbikes on Sunday evening. The plan being to lark about in the city centre then head out of the city and ride some woods.

We ended up heading out of the city along the woods either side of the Kenilworth Road. Once we got to Kenilworth we rode the Greenway extension onto the common. Obviously we didn’t ride on the common as it’s a “no cycling” area… but if we had we’d have ridden some of the really nice drops and trails.

As we turned onto the cycleway that runs through the centre of the common, I clipped a fallen tree… and that was the ride over. The rear mech was dangling by the side of the bike. The hanger had done it’s job and was the weakest link. Unfortunately I hadn’t got a spare, (but I’ll be getting a ‘universal’ one next week) so Rob rode back to my place and got his van, rather than butchering the chain and limping it home.

The nice folk at Salsa Cycles have rear mech hanger part numbers on their website, so within 30 minutes of getting back a (FS2425) Wheels International replacement No.25 was on order.

Ride – #84     Bike – ’12 Salsa Mukluk

Miles – 13.2     Total 2012 miles – 1758.6


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