Erlestoke 6 hour (Friday) – 25th May

Salsa – Adventure by bike

After a particularly crappy two weeks at work, and the weather being so good I decided to use a day’s holiday and head down to the event on Friday evening. An accident on the A429 meant adding and hour onto the expected two and a half hour journey, but eventually I arrived and grabbed a piece of prime trackside camping opposite the event arena. The tent and GT flag went up and soon I was kitted up and off to do a lap of the course.

Last year the course was stunning and this year was no different. “The same but different” was how one of the organisers described it. Great chunks were the same as last year, but the bits linking them together were different. The only bit I really hated was a long undulating section running along the outside of some woods that brought you back towards the event arena before sending you back into the woods for the second half of the lap. After 1 lap I ended up back at the tent, refilled my bottle and headed out to do the second half of the lap again (so I could miss out the long bit I hated)

Back at the tent again I got changed and enjoyed a stunning sunset while I waited for Smitty and James the Godiva Trailriders/AQR 6 hour pairs team and Steve Day our Godiva Trailriders/Mule Bar 12 hour solo singlespeed rider. The pair turned up just as it was getting ‘proper’ dark and their self erecting tent thing went up in a matter of minutes! Once all their stuff was sorted James crashed out while me and Smitty sat talking about the upcoming ‘Epic Scottish Weekender’. Soon it was 11:15 and with no sign of Steve we decided he’d probably decided to come down in the morning. Time for bed…..

As I lay in my sleeping bag trying to get to sleep I heard a car and caravan turn up. The caravan has making a right creaky racket ‘Shut up’ I thought…… little did I realise it was Steve…………

Ride – #87     Bike – ’12 Salsa Mukluk

Miles – 10.1     Total 2012 miles – 1815.3


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