Epic Scottish Weekender – 30th May

Arriving at Marthrown of Mabie we met up with Dom and Smitty who’d arrived about 45 minutes before us. Quickly we  dropped the kit into the bunkhouse and got the riding kit on. Ben reassembled his bike (which had been in the back of the car) while the local mozzies had a field day. Repelant was  liberally splashed about, and soon we were heading out onto Mabie’s Red Trail.

It was 10.30ish PM and were heading out on the bikes! Biking road trips are superb!

The lap of the trail centre wasn’t going to be the fastest ever, but was a great start to the weekend. Several sections had obviously had seen a lot of work, I’m not sure if they were an improvedment or not as they’re very wide and sanitized, but one part in particular had you running at top speed towards a wall of packed earth with a split second to work out that you ride up it then turn left and use it as a burm/wall….great fun once you get over the initial panic!

Smitty punctured towards the end of the lap, tried to just reinflate it, but that didn’t work and he had to bite the bullet and change tubes. We weren’t far from the bunkhouse so Bruce and James headed back so the queue for the shower wasn’t as bad.

We eventually got back at 12:15am 🙂

So first ride of the ‘Epic Scottish Weeklender’….. done

Ride – #90     Bike – Gary Fisher Paragon 29’er

Miles – 10.6     Total 2012 miles – 1879.7

“Epic Scottish Weekender” miles – 10.6

P.S. I’m sorry for any typo errors, it’s a bloody nightmare typing in a car that’s bouncing about!

P.P.S Hello Mum and Dad!


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