Epic Scottish Weekender – (am) 31st May

Excuse the hazy picture, it’s not soft focus but condensation. And trying to clear a camera lens of condensation when you’re soaking wet just doesn’t happen

The morning started with a 6 am alarm call….. well, it was supposed to be 7…. but Smitty had forgotten to change his time from when he gets up for work! Much verbal abuse ensued, and we all decided than rather than get up we’d have the ‘extra’ hour.

Once up, a quick breakfast and we were on the road, heading to Drumlanrig Castle, and the stunning gem of a trail centre looked after by Rik Allsopp of Rik’s Bike Shed.


Having ridden there before I knew what to expect. This isn’t your standard trail centre, machine built biking highways, this is a hand crafted gem. The trails wind round the grounds of the castle, and are rooty and rocky. A real thinking riders trail, and with rain falling the it was trickier than last time I rode it.

As we rode the skies cleared and by the time we dropped out of the forest into the car park the skies were looking brighter. Ben had ridden ahead as his rear brake was playing up and he wanted Rik to see if he could bleed it.

A quick chat with Rik (Ivor the trail dog that we rode round with last time was at home), an egg butty and slice of cake from the cafe and we were loading the bikes on the car. Now a 3 hour plus drive North to the trails at Laggan.

Ride – #91     Bike – Gary Fisher Paragon 29’er

Miles – 12.5     Total 2012 miles – 1892.2

“Epic Scottish Weekender” miles – 23.1


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