Epic Scottish Weekender – (pm) 31st May

Ben rides Ayres Rock at Laggan

After a 3 hour plus drive from Drumlanrig we arrived at the midge fest that is Laggan earlier than we expected. the plan was to grab something to eat in the Cafe, but for whatever reason it was closed… Soon the second car arrived, and a quick descision was made to just ride rather than faff about trying to find a cafe we’d just eat what we had in the cars and ride.

After a quick scoff we battled through the midges and headed up the fireroad to the top of the black section. The plan being to (Trail grading is Black = Extreme, Red = Difficult) The singletrack section that goes to the split of the Upper Red and the Black was tough. Turning onto the Black, the tough-O-meter was turned up several notches. These trail were tough, rideable when you carried you momentum and rhythm, but loose either and you were in trouble. Most people (with the exception of Ben probably) had some sort of moment.

Dropping out at the bottom at the Black section we decided to head back up the hill and do the upper Red. This was slightly easier but still you had to keep your wits about you, the top and bottom setions are really technical with the centre section a full speed dash down a combination of long switchbacks.

Back at the bottom, we checked the time, no problem. We can climb back up the hill and do the lower red including Ayers Rock, a rock slab drop. With tired legs we rode back up the fire road (including me picking up a thorn in the rear) and turned onto the Red section, another technical descent followed, eventually getting to Ayres Rock.

As with a lot of trail features, they look harder than they are. Look at it too long and you can talk yourself out of it, so up to it and over…. superb! The trail now snaked down below the tree line, weaving between the trees. Soon we were onto a long section of boardwalk… without any chickenwire to give grip and nice wide green mossy bands either side it certainly focussed the mind. Particularly when you could see great gouges on the sides when riders had fallen off.

Off the boardwalk the trail swooped down into the car park, and the army of midges waiting for their dinner. Laggan Wolftrax, a stunning trail centre, with some fantastic hardcore riding and equally hardcore midges!

3 trail centres ridden in less than 24 hours…. the “Epic Scottish Weekender” continued…

Ride – #92     Bike – Gary Fisher Paragon 29’er

Miles – 12.5     Total 2012 miles – 1904.7

“Epic Scottish Weekender” miles – 35.5


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