Epic Scottish Weekender – 4th June

Big Skies, Big Riding……….

The plan was to meet up with Smitty’s brother Mark, Mike and Andy of the Angus Bike Chain crowd, John from Perth Cycles, plus Suzie and Joe, friends of Bens who were holidaying in the area.



Meet at the Castle car park in Dunkeld was the instruction….. we couldn’t find a castle or any signs! So ended up parked in a car park next to the river Tay, where we met up with Suzie and Joe… Several phone calls later we worked out that the ‘castle’ car park was the other end of town…. When we got there Smitty pointed out that the castle was behind ‘those’ trees….. I’ve still not seen Dunkeld Castle!

In typical comedy style we eventually got all the cars together and pointing in the right direction and went to meet our hosts for the day. I’d met the all the guys at the 24 hours of Exposure solo race at Newcastleton earlier in the year and it was good to catch up with what had been going on North of the border (once I got my head round their accents again).

We did an excellent natural route North East of Dunkeld, around Deuchary Hill and Loch Ordie. Once again, the views were stunning! (Don’t they have any crappy views north of the border?) Exactly where we went I’m not sure, and neither was John as we ended up doing some exploring of forest fire roads.

After about two and half hours riding we rolled back into the car park. It was great to do some non trail centre riding where you really are out in the middle of nowhere.

A round of handshakes, thanks and “We’ll see you again”…. we loaded the bikes and headed south to our next bunkhouse, just 4 miles from the trails at Innerleithen and almost across the valley from Glentress

Ride – #98     Bike – Gary Fisher Paragon 29’er

Miles – 25.0     Total 2012 miles – 1978.5

“Epic Scottish Weekender” miles – 109.4


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