Sand riding tips – 11th June


The whole ‘sand biking’ weekend was a massive learning experience……

  • Use flats not SPDs, for some reason sand means you can clip in but inclipping can be a nightmare
  • Knowing tide times is critical, for safety reasons and also at low tide you have a bigger playground.
  • Don’t get all stressed about the occasional horrible noise coming from brakes and drivetrain, you’re riding on sand….. there is nothing you can do to stop it.
  • Depth of footprints give a very good indication of how soft the sand is.
  • After the ride wash the bike with as much fresh water as you can as soon as you can, then wash it again later. Saltwater and sand is not a bike friendly comibination.
  • Keep you gloves off the sand, otherwise it will find its way inside.
  • Don’t put your backpack down, it’ll pick up sand that will fall off down your back when you’re riding and if it gets in your shorts…..
  • Make sure your camelbak drinks tube doesn’t touch the sand….. a drink tainted with salty sand… uggghhh!
  • In soft sand don’t try and turn too quick, the front will let go and you’ll end up rolling about in it.
  • Seaweed seems to have no grip or traction at all, either on rocks or lying on the beach
  • However riding over knotted kelp is great fun as makes a similar noise to squashing bubble wrap!
  • Skids are indeed for kids…… and beach riders
  • The Midlands is not the best place to live if you enjoy sand riding (although it’s hardly mountain biking country either)



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