Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!! – 12th June

A new 2012 Superfly Al Elite frame

You really can’t fault the service from Trek, 4 days after reporting the failure of the Paragon frame I’m in possession of a nice shiney Superfly Al Elite one, ready to be built up for the French Alps trip (Hence post title being the original French version of the accession declaration made on the death of Charles VI)

The nice people at Trek have even supplied a tapered headset with an adaptor for my standard forks and a press fit bottom bracket. Shame the manager at Fort Dunlop Cycling wanted to charge me £10 to fit it….. it’s a 1 minute job…..”I have to pay my mechanics” was his excuse…. £600/hour workshop rate, nice work if you can get it!

Just need to source a hollowtec crankset (my original Paragon ones are Octalink and are not compatible)…. I could nick the one off the Carver, but all I ever do with that bike is nick parts off it!

The change of crankset will mean the only original parts from the ’09 X-Cal will be the front deraillieur and the rear brake adaptor…..

“The King Is Dead, Long Live The King!”


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