A Bit of a Snotfest – 13th June

A grassy meadow swaying in a gentle summer breeze…… Agghhh Pollen!

With the weather so changeable at the moment, you have to grab every opportunity you can to get out in the dry, as you’ve no idea when the next will come along. Unfortunately today it seemed that every piece of grass pollen in Warwickshire had thought the same.

The day had started really sunny, and I got all the jobs that couldn’t be put off, done early. Heading out on the bike the clouds quickly built up, and I started thinking I was going to get a soaking, but as quick as they arrived, they went.

It was a great spin out in the lanes North of Coventry, riding stuff I haven’t ridden in ages…. but also a bit of a snotfest!

And yes, it’s my own stupid fault as because the weather has been so ‘non’ hayfeverish recently I’d got slack and hadn’t been taking my anthistamines

Ride – #103     Bike – Genesis DayOne Alfine

Miles – 33.6     Total 2012 miles – 2082.8


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