Road Riding and Punctures – 20th July

Support cars…. no! Glue and patches for me

The day dawned bright and the call of the ‘Dark side’ was strong… I couldn’t resist so got the road bike out and headed off out of the City. I did however resist the temptation to wear lycra! But when overtaken by a ‘proper’ roadie wearing a Team Sky top  I did find myself drawn to buying one….. No, I must banish these ‘evil’ dark side thoughts!

So, a 2 hour, 30 mile road ride with 2 punctures! Is this kind of thing normal when riding on the ‘dark side’? If so, that must be why the Tour de France guys have god knows how many spare bikes on the top of the support cars! Anyway, I didn’t have my team support car with me today so had to rely on good old glue and patches….

Ride – #117     Bike – Raleigh Airlite 100

Miles – 31.1     Total 2012 miles – 2426.2


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