All Work and No Play…. – 22nd July

…..when the sun is out, makes Ian a grumpy git!

The Charwelton Radio Tower, visible for most of the ride

The intention was to work two 12 hour shifts over the weekend to pay for the repairs to the Astra on the Alps trip….. but the big shiney disk made an appearance. Working two big shifts is hard when it’s raining, but when the sun’s out…… it’s a killer!

So I formulated a plan, work 16 hours over the weekend, equivalent to two 8 hour shifts and that’ll do. The forecast was for Saturday to be fine, but Sunday to be a belter. So it was a ‘full house’ 12 on Saturday, leaving just 4 to do on the Sunday, happy days!

I ended up working till 1 on the Sunday, 6 hours, so was pleased with that. Should just about cover the Astra repair bill.

I took the bike to work so I could ride some places a bit different. So at 13:15 I headed out of work, and towards Edge Hill and a really nice afternoon of cycling.

Oh, I also started using my phone with a Strava app to log the ride…. technology eh! althogh weirdly my cycle computer says I did 50.0 (including a couple of laps of the work car park to get to the magic 50) but my phone/Strava says 50.6, I’ll stick to the mileage off my cycle computer

(Note for my Mum and Dad – my phone can track my route and then upload it onto a website. Hopefully if you click on the very bottom line of this post it’ll take you to the Strava website)

Ride – #118     Bike – Raleigh Airlite 100

Miles – 50.0     Total 2012 miles – 2476.2

Strava –


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