Lanes North of Coventry – 7th August

First Passport to Leisure Scheme in the World eh! Not famous for much then……

With my new bar tape fitted I headed out for a steady ride round the lanes, the ride started in drizzle (that wasn’t forecast) but soon the sky lightened and I got the occasional bit of hazy sunshine.

This was my first post ‘Golfers Elbow’ diagnosis ride… Yep, I’d not heard of it either, and no I don’t play golf. Basically it’s Tennis Elbow’s less popular twin with the pain being on the inside of the elbow rather than the outside. After I’d been to the doctors I went to work, and popped in to see nursey, she sent me to see the company physio and he gave me an elbow support thing. It doesn’t stop the problem, but by supporting the tendons in your arm helps to stop any more aggravation in the area. So rest (fat chance), ice packs and Ibrupufen are the order of the day….

Talking to the doc, I told him it’d started in France after I’d banged my elbow. He seemed to think that this may have caused it, initially bruising and aggravating the tendons. They haven’t had a chance to recover and since then the problem has got progressively worse.

The knock on effects of the French trip keep coming!

Ride – #131     Bike – Raleigh Airlite 100

Miles – 36.2     Total 2012 miles – 2770.4

Strava –


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