Lanes North of Coventry (Again) – 8th August

I did a search for an image of 38 and the first page was mosty .38 calibre hand guns…. so you’ve got a Colt Super .38 Automatic circa 1945

Yep, 38 days till Kielder 100, the big one! 100 miles off road in the Kielder Forest and crossing the border into Scotland. The conditions in 2012 were terrible, torrential rain and windy. I missed the time cutoff at 78 miles by 11 minutes after 10 hours 41 minutes….. I still don’t know if I was gutted or relieved, probably a mixture of both. There were only 178 finishers from over 800 entries, and I reckon I would have been in the top 200 if the cutoff hadn’t existed.

So time to get some miles in, and put the photos on the back burner for a bit

Ride – #132     Bike – Raleigh Airlite 100

Miles – 27.1     Total 2012 miles – 2797.5

Strava –


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